Vietnam LNG-to-Power Summit 2019

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19 Sep 2019

LNG continues to be the fast-growing gas supply source in Vietnam and the strong demand growth for gas outpaces domestic production from 2020 onwards, primarily driven by power generation (>85%). The production of matured gas fields is continuously declining, though new fields will be expected in production during 2024-2025, still cannot fill in the gap and solve the energy/electricity crisis. In order to fill in this gap, LNG import and LNG-to-Power utilization has become the urgent task for Vietnam market, which will also attract the investors, developers, suppliers, contractors rushing into this market.


To push forward the development of LNG utilization and LNG-to-Power development, Vietnam Government has proposed a series of initiatives, according to the Vietnam Gas Industry Development Master Plan to 2035, the gas production volume across the country will increase from 10 billion cubic meter per year to 21 billion cubic meter per year in the period 2015 – 2035. To achieve this target, Vietnam will develop the LNG terminal systems and related facilities: it is planned to build 3-4 LNG terminals with the estimated capacity of each depot around 1-3 million ton per year in the period of 2021-2025 and 5-6 LNG terminals with around 3 million tons/year in the period of 2026-2035.


To further enhance the LNG terminal and LNG-to-Power development in Vietnam and facilitate the collaboration between local and international, Neoventure Corporation is planning the tenth Vietnam Energy series event - Vietnam LNG-to-power Summit 2019, which will be scheduled in International Hanoi Landmark72 on 19-20 September, 2019 and it will combine with Exhibition, Conference, and Project Match-Making Forum creating a one-stop business matching platform for all industry players to share their knowledge and to expand business contacts in Vietnam's rapid growing LNG sector.


With Neoventure's deep digging in Vietnam's energy sector, Vietnam LNG-to-Power Summit 2019 will provide you the most qualified participants in the region, which will cover 95% of the local developer and investor in this market with real decision power in hand.


We do look forward to seeing you in Hanoi this September!

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Date of Event

19 Sep 2019

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