PIDX 2019 US Spring Conference

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02 May 2019

The PIDX 2019 US Spring Conference will be held on May 2-3 at the HESS Club in Houston. Continuing with the theme Emerging Digital Transformation Strategies in Oil & Gas, the conference is a gathering of industry leaders and technology experts within the oil and gas community with a strong interest in rapid development and interoperability of tools and concepts, such as artificial intelligence, robotics automation, and industrial IoT. 

Join us as we discuss the development of standards to ensure that data can be rapidly exchanged in a common format. The technical program will provide insights into deployment of new technologies, and real case studies will be explored. Discover the latest in oil & gas blockchain technology, e-field ticketing, and efforts to standardize fuel hauler records. 

PIDX 2019 US Spring Conference

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Date of Event

02 May 2019

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