2nd Morocco Oil & Gas Summit

Morocco has a very attractive investment environment and huge exploration potential within the oil and gas sector, often referred to by many as one of the last remaining frontiers in North Africa. 

Morocco's current hydrocarbon exploration developments, and immense oil and gas potential, reveal a lot of available and future business opportunities.Morocco has moved fast and smart; they have quickly recognised the potential they possess and took initiative by proceeding to update its fiscal and investment environment. This bold move had a huge impact on its investment attractability- Morocco instantly managed to create an attractive and hospitable framework for Operators and service providers looking for a new venture and to reward existing ones with better terms.

You can find more about these opportunities first-hand, and generate your own momentum, by registering and hearing about these opportunities first-hand by ONHYM representatives, on the 2nd Morocco Oil & Gas Summit, taking place in 6th-7th of February 2019 in Marrakech, Morocco.

For more information, registrations and the event agenda, please visit our official website www.morocco-summit.com
or email us at marketing@in-vr.co

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