Finding East African Oil&Gas

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23 Feb 2017

At one time East Africa was considered a petroleum backwater and saw little or no exploration.

Now we have a huge gas province offshore Mozambique and Tanzania and a rift valley oil province in Uganda and Kenya.

So two regional questions arise immediately: 

1. Does the rift valley oil play extend further north, and southwards, perhaps as far as Zambia?

2. Did the source rock that generated all that offshore gas first deliver an oil play, one that we have not yet found and, if Yes, where is it? 

And if such potential opportunities and prospects exist, which companies are in the pole position to find them; or is a regional consoldiation required first? 

These are the themes we will address in our upcoming Forum; and we are looking for insightful presentations

Please contact me if you/your company would like to make a presentation 

And Richard Mcintyre if you are interested in the sponsorship/exhibiting opportunities we offer. 

David Bamford (david@findingpetroleum.com)

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Date of Event

23 Feb 2017

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