Human Capital, Succession Planning, Talent & Performance Management for Energy Industry

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14 May 2018

Human Capital, Succession Planning, Talent & Performance Management for Energy Industry



Dates & Location:


14 - 17 May 2018, Johannesburg


“Building strong competency development, succession planning and talent management programs for your people”




This course is the A to Z on strategically managing and optimising your human capital to full potential in today's difficult business climate. It is a highly practical, hands-on course that shows you exactly how to tackle those intractable HR problems:

- resistance from employees

- lack of senior executive support for HR

- lack of funding

- HR not a priority/not taken seriously

- favoritism and political games


This course will give you the knowledge and tool to excite and re-energise your people and to inspire a new-found confidence and trust in HR in your business. Through discussion, examples and activities you will discover the way forwards. The industry insights, templates and models will put you ahead of your competitors; ahead of the game in designing and delivering winning HR initiatives which will earn your HR team praise and recognition and will take your people to the next level.


This practical, hands-on course will have you excited by the new possibilities to drive performance in your organization. The examples given are proven winners and the materials provide for easy

adaptation to your business. Within 4 days of completing the course you can be forging positive

change for your organization and your people.


Benefits of Attending


- Take-away resources of over 300 PPT slides and large booklet containing dozens of models, readings, industry examples, templates, how-to guides etc.

- Learn from an internationally recognised expert in HR who understand the challenges in the African context

- Discover how to cost out the loss of talented employees, how to conduct a Talent Audit on your business and then how to formulate a Talent Retention Plan

- Discover solutions to your problems and learn how to approach sensitive and taboo HR related topics in your organisation to help move your agenda forward- Capacity contracts and support mechanisms

- Understand why most succession management strategies are doomed to fail and learn how to do succession management well

- Gain insights on strategic compensation and benefits management to attract and retain high performers

- See the most innovative talent management strategies and realise how inexpensive and easy they are to duplicate

- Networking opportunities with other participants to share challenges and learn from others' experiences

- Formulate your own Action Plan to apply immediately in your business


Who Should Attend

- Any manager, supervisor, team leader, director who manages either professional or technical employees in any area of the company. Managing and leading people is everyone's responsibility

- Anyone working in (or aspiring to work in) HR, Employee Relations, Corporate Affairs, Talent & Performance Management, Learning and Development, Training and Capacity Building, People Strategy, Organisational Development, Leadership Management, Competency Development, Corporate Communications

- Experienced HR practitioners looking to upgrade their knowledge

- Plus anyone who deal with people management




“An excellent program by an excellent presenter. The program was very informative and the

content and delivery was very engaging.”



“The program was designed and delivered very well. It was very fruitful also for other functions

outside the HR Department to gain understanding about the strategies to develop people.

The trainer welcomes the delegates to maintain the network with him and discuss their HR issues

after the program. It was very interesting.”

- Training & Development Manager, TRANSPORTASI GAS


“The trainer has very good knowledge and excellent communication skills. He was adaptive, friendly and open to questions and the workshop was nicely paced. One of the best trainings I have ever attended.”



“The course really got me thinking about many things I could apply and/or improve in the business.”

- Talent Management Advisor, BP SOUTH AFRICA


“Trainer's presentation concerning the topics was an eye-opener. The group discussions and sharing of information during the course was very good.”



“The course content was very practical and relevant to my work situation.”



“The facilitator prepared course content that really will address my work and organisational

challenges; most especially on talent retention planning.”



“The program was excellent; especially the practical examples and case studies.”

- Senior Manager of Talent Management, MAJAN ELECTRICITY COMPANY


“The course covered all aspects of HR and talent management comprehensively and was

nicely specific to energy sector.”



Course Certificate


Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion bearing the signatures from both the Course Director and the Course Organizer. This Certificate will testify your endeavor and serve towards your professional advancement.


To register/enquire, please contact:

Vincs Kong

Infocus International Group

Tel: +65 6325 0351 | Email: vincs [at] infocusinternational [dot] com

Web: www.infocusinternational.com/hr

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Date of Event

14 May 2018

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