11th Annual Sub-Saharan Africa Oil/Gas Conference, 2018

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26 Apr 2018

To enhance investments;  maintain  production increase, functional refineries, infrastructures for oil & gas transportation that will support its growing need for gas to power, and accelerate adequate legal frameworks for sustainable relationship with host communities have become  challenges before Sub-Saharan Africa national oil companies, international, independents, and indigenous operators. 

The 11th Annual Sub-Saharan Africa Oil & Gas Conference aims to provide a platform for participants to gain insight; share knowledge, showcase expertise, proffer solutions to some of the challenges facing the industry in
order to become nationally sufficient and globally competitive. It will also provide a cozy environment for networking with ministers, top government officials, industry leaders and top decision makers.

If you want to gain knowledge in the oil and gas business in Sub-Saharan Africa and plug into the immense investment opportunities, THIS CONFERENCE IS FOR YOU!

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Date of Event

26 Apr 2018

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