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Argus Marpol Strategy Summit

The fuels markets continue to be a major focus of discussion with looming uncertainty and opportunity. The IMO MARPOL regulations have been outlined for over a year now, but there are still huge questions on how this will affect the markets. What will compliance look like? How will regulations be en ...

evvnt Platform

Houston   TX   US 23 Apr 2018

Posted 2 years agoEvent

Subsea Controls

This two day course is ideal for you should you be new to subsea controls or working in associated support roles. It will give you the opportunity to get an independent comparison of the equipment available and discuss in detail areas often overlooked; managing availability and reliability of contro ...

Jee Training

Houston   TX   US 04 Apr 2018

Posted 2 years agoTraining > SubseacontrolsEquipment +2

The Top Six Benefits of Automating Workflow in Upstream Back Offices

Due to the current price of oil, upstream operators are looking for new ways to accomplish more with less – and automated workflows are an effective means to do it. Automation helps oil and gas back office teams minimize errors and save time on important tasks in six important ways: 1: Documenta ...

P2 News - P2 Energy Solutions

Posted 2 years agoPress > Oilgasupstream +4

Katalyst Data Management Launches Well File and Well Log Scanning “Paper to Digits” Service

Company begins initiative to create a complete electronic well file Katalyst Data Management announced today that it has launched well file and well log scanning services for the oil and gas industry. The company now has the capacity to scan volumes of well logs and associated files that are cr ...

Shannon Morolez

Posted 2 years agoPress > Well Logswell datawell file +2

Overview of Physical Crude Oil Trading and Operations

This course provides an introduction to the trading of physical crude oil. Delegates will gain an understanding of the knowledge possessed by a physical crude oil trader and the steps involved in negotiating a physical crude oil transaction. In addition, delegates will be given an overview of crude ...

Ayesha Varshney

Houston   TX   US 16 Apr 2018

Posted 2 years agoTraining > MenntaCrude oiltrading +1

Introduction to Derivatives Markets, Hedging and Risk Management

This two-day course provides an overview of energy derivatives and physical markets as well as the main instruments traded in those markets. We will explore the main differences between physical and paper transactions as well as the pros and cons of exchange-traded vs. OTC products. We will show ho ...

Ayesha Varshney

Houston   TX   US 16 Apr 2018

Posted 2 years agoTraining > derivativesenergy derivativesRisk managemet +2

Overview of North American Electric Power Industry

Deregulation of the electricity marketplace continues to be a controversial topic. During this period of historic and rapid change, there is much to learn. Let this programme be your first step. This one-day event is a combination of presentation and trading simulations. Includes Online Pre-study M ...

Ayesha Varshney

Houston   TX   US 23 Apr 2018

Posted 2 years agoTraining > electricelectric powerpower industry +2

The Oil and Gas Value Chain

This one-day workshop provides an introduction to all aspects of the oil and gas supply chain, from exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources to supplying end-users.  The emphasis is on identifying opportunities and strategies for value creation within the industry, including infrastruct ...

Ayesha Varshney

Houston   TX   US 26 Apr 2018

Posted 2 years agoTraining > Oil and Gasvalue chainOil +3

North American Natural Gas Physical & Financial Fundamentals

This two-day course is designed to introduce delegates to the functionality of the natural gas industry, transportation, storage, trading and hedging. Discussion includes physical natural gas beginning with exploration and concluding with the delivery to the burner-tip.  It will provide an understa ...

Ayesha Varshney

Houston   TX   US 24 Apr 2018

Posted 2 years agoTraining > natural gasgasFinance +4

Fundamentals of Refinery Economics and Blending

This one-day workshop is designed to follow on from our popular Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining course, by focusing on the topics of refinery economics and blending. The course reviews the fundamentals of refining planning and optimisation, and delegates will learn what affects refinery profitabi ...

Ayesha Varshney

Houston   TX   US 20 Apr 2018

Posted 2 years agoTraining > Refineryblendingeconomics +2

Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining - A Non-Technical Introduction

You don't need an engineering degree to understand the fundamentals of petroleum refining! This exciting programme is designed to introduce non-technical oil industry members to the fascinating field of petroleum refining. Learn how a refinery works and how refinery operations affect global oil and ...

Ayesha Varshney

Houston   TX   US 18 Apr 2018

Posted 2 years agoTraining > petroleumpetroleum refiningfundamentals +2

Intermediate Derivatives Markets, Hedging and Risk Management

The course covers advanced instruments for basis risk management such as basis swaps and options and the use of correlation and regression to identify and measure basis risks. Case studies show to hedge in illiquid markets using proxy hedges. The use of option strategies, exotic options and struct ...

Ayesha Varshney

Houston   TX   US 18 Apr 2018

Posted 2 years agoTraining > derivativesderivatives marketsHedging +3

Value-at-Risk: The Basics and Beyond

Value-at-Risk is the new benchmark for measuring and controlling market risk. Premier trading and marketing companies around the world use Value-at-Risk to maximize profit opportunities and minimize costly positioning mistakes. This one day programme teaches the important aspects of this risk manage ...

Ayesha Varshney

Houston   TX   US 21 May 2018

Posted 2 years agoTraining > market risktradingEnergy +4

Front to Back Office: Trading Controls and Best Practices

This fascinating and interactive workshop will give delegates a thorough understanding of best practice controls to be applied in commodity trading activities. Delegates are encouraged to think about the controls processes applied in their own operations, through interactive group case studies, in ...

Ayesha Varshney

Houston   TX   US 22 May 2018

Posted 2 years agoTraining > commoditytradingtrading activities +2

Risk Measurement, Modelling and Controls

This course offers in-depth coverage of systems requirements, credit risk management best practices, risk and performance measurement, and a strong focus on capital adequacy issues. Subject areas covered include recent developments in regulatory and legal compliance, and ethics. Delegates will anal ...

Ayesha Varshney

Houston   TX   US 23 May 2018

Posted 2 years agoTraining > Creditrisk managementcredit risk management +4
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